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Fractional CMO 

As a strategic advisor and trusted partner to the leadership team, Vapro brings its expertise and network to propel your company to the next level. We contribute in shaping the marketing vision, developing data-driven campaigns, and building a high-performing marketing team. We will drive strategic marketing initiatives that accelerate growth and brand awareness. 

Our fractional marketing  services provide access to top-level marketing expertise on a flexible and cost-effective basis. A robust and experienced marketing team that lays the foundations for the operation and communication of the brand.

There are many issues and of great complexity, as well as the quality of the suppliers in the market that, if they are not efficient, can mean large expenditures of unnecessary money for the brand.

We can support in:

  • Strategy development and accompaniment 

  • Execute agreed tactical plan

  • Monitor progress and recommend necessary adjustments to ensure successful execution of the plan

  • Evaluate investment to ensure positive ROI on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

  • Identify and implement methodologies to significantly maximize budget efficiency and reduce costs per conversion

  • Collaborate in the review and approval of offers presented by marketing providers

  • Evaluate the results as established in the planning phase

what our clients say

Ricardo Videtta, Founder Grupo VFS

"My experience with Vapro it’s been nothing but exceptional! They have pristinely created 4 brands with us. In some cases all the way from the name selection while in some cases, the brand architecture!

In all cases, the deliverable has been jaw dropping"

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